Balustrades Sydney

If you are upgrading your balcony or installing a new deck in Sydney, MJ Civil can provide the design and facilitate the installation of many styles of balustrades to achieve the look your balcony, deck or building demands. A balustrade is the primary safety feature on any balcony or deck and is therefore required to meet strict design standards as specified by The Building Code of Australia in addition to your local Council's requirements. As a result, any structural modification or addition to a balcony or deck requires the involvement of a Structural Engineer.

MJ Civil has extensive experience offering balustrade designs, ranging from stunning frameless glazing to more traditional balustrades of steel construction. We take pride in our attention to detail and ability to provide elegant engineering solutions to any architectural detail.  

It is common for balustrading to be upgraded during building remedial works. MJ Civil are industry leaders in structural rectification work and specialise in damage due to concrete spalling or concrete cancer. Often concrete spalling is present along the edges of balconies where balustrades are attached. In most cases the balustrade will be replaced when the remedial work is complete. We have a strong track record in providing complete solutions for structural remedial works, coupled with the ability to provide numerous balustrade options for the desired aesthetic appeal

Balustrades are perhaps one of the first things that people think about when updating or upgrading their balcony comes to mind. However, even though there is more to upgrading a balcony than just adding balustrades in Sydney, the fact is that a great looking set of balustrades can really change the way the entire home looks and feels. At MJ Civil we have been designing and building some of the highest quality and great looking balustrades for a very long time. Our designs can be based on the type of look you want, or what the building demands.

Why are good balustrades so important?

Most people just think that balustrades need to look good but most engineers, designers and architects will tell you that they serve a much higher purpose. To start off with they are the primary safety feature of a balcony or a deck this is why they need to be designed based on strict standards and guidelines provided by the Building Code of Australia, as well as that of the local Council's requirements. Plus a structural engineer need to be involved to make sure that it is right in every possible way.

Why MJ Civil?

At MJ Civil we have extensive experience building some of the best balustrades in Sydney. Our designs range from new high tech ones like frameless glazing to traditional steel builds. However, our team of engineers and designers make sure that every one of these that we produce is durable and is perfect in every way possible, because the key for us is to provide elegant solutions to any architectural work.

Custom designed to your specifications

We know that every project is unique and most building owners or home owners want to get something that looks and feels different. As experts we can provide people with a unique set of designs all the while making sure that they are built from the highest quality materials and installed so that they provide the most protection. That said we invest lots of time and effort to make sure that our balustrades are the very best in every sense of the word. Plus we come up with new and improved designs on a fairly regular basis because we want to add value with every product we sell.

If you are looking for high quality balustrades in Sydney then feel free to contact us at (+612) 9418 6568 or send us a message via our online form