Planning To Build or Renovate in Sydney

The idea of building a new home is very exciting and provides you the opportunity to tailor a residence to suit your family’s individual needs and lifestyle. Once you have identified where you want to live it would be ideal if the process was as simple as choosing an Architect and engaging a builder to construct your dream home. Unfortunately the planning and building process is rarely that simple and in some cases can evolve into a difficult and complicated experience.  

Once you have agreed on a design with your Architect, an Engineer is required to structurally check and integrate the architects design into the natural environment. The complexity of building design together with the location and nature of the building site will likely determine the level of involvement required by the engineer.    

MJ Civil are industry leaders at integrating elegant structural design solutions into new developments and have had vast experience liaising with Architects, Local Councils and other Industry Professionals to facilitate the design process during the early stages of a project. We pride ourselves on delivering elegant structural solutions to compliment any Architectural detail.

If you are planning to build in Sydney, MJ Civil can also provide a detailed methodology for the safe implementation of any challenging design, together with the structural design solution. In addition we offer a superintendent role for the resulting on-site works and structural certification.

At MJ Civil, we are a civil engineering firm with a lot of experience in helping people during their building and renovation projects. We are experts at structural and construction solutions which are cost-effective and which maintain the integrity of the concerned building. It is wrong and foolhardy to think that design is everything and prettiness is the only thing to aim for. That is just not correct! What is more important in the construction industry is to maintain the integrity of the structure and make sure that it exhibits certain particularly important engineering attributes. It is not possible for an architecture to do that. That is the reason why when you are planning to build in Sydney, you should call upon us to help.

Complex or simple designs: Our engineering skills make it all possible

At MJ Civil, we take pride in meeting the desires and needs of our clients. People who are planning to renovate in Sydney often have very specific needs that are to be met during the renovation and it is with our engineering expertise that we make it all possible. The building you want or the renovation you are looking forward to may be extremely simple or very complex, but that does not matter because we can make sure that the structural integrity is never compromised with. If you want, we can also be present on a supervising basis to make sure that the construction is going according to the plan.

We bring elegance to your design

That’s right. At our firm, we have been in the business for a long time and we have a lot of experience in liaising with architectural firms, local building authorities and other professionals in the industry. That is the reason why we are so sought after because so much on-field experience counts for a lot in this industry. From the year 1995, we have constantly endeavoured to better ourselves so that we can bring more elegance into our clients’ designs and hence satisfy them better and we will do the same for you as well. Our specialty lies in ensuring that the designs that you find favourable are always sound engineering-wise so that there are no problems later.

Renovation planning in Sydney? We are what you need!

Yes, at MJ Civil, we truly believe that we can make a difference to the world around us with our engineering skills and experience. If you are planning to renovate in Sydney and need a world-class civil engineering firm to help you understand the process better so that your building is strong and firm for many years to come, you have come to the right place. We would love it if you were to consult with us and utilise our engineering expertise. As a cost-effective, well-renowned and hands-on civil engineering firm, we are certainly the ones you need. No matter what you are planning to build in Sydney, come to us at MJ Civil today!

Apply Elegance to Engineering

Contact us today at MJ Civil to utilise our  engineering services. As a professional engineering firm, we take pride in every project we are involved in. Regardless of the size of the project or what you are looking to build, we can help in making sure that you get exactly what you want. 

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