Wall Removal Sydney

If you are planning to extend or renovate your Sydney property, MJ Civil has the expertise to provide seamless and elegant engineering solutions. The measure of a quality design is the perfect integration of the new with the old. An example of this is when an internal wall is removed and all roof supporting structures are designed to integrate neatly into the ceiling space so to facilitate an uninterrupted and continuous ceiling line between the rooms. 

Recent architectural trends in Australia have changed the way living areas have traditionally been used. Many home owners have shifted towards open plan living by creating spaces which facilitate social interaction and provide the home with an abundance of light and a sense of space. 

As a result, home owners are creating these spaces during the renovation process by removing both internal and external walls. MJ Civil have extensive experience in home renovation, extensions and wall removal throughout the Sydney region. Following an inspection, MJ Civil can provide advice as to the structural significance of any wall to be removed. 

The process of removing a load bearing wall is extremely specialised and demands the utmost care be taken. MJ Civil can provide a detailed methodology for a safe wall removal process, in addition to the structural design solution. We can also offer a superintendent role for the resulting on-site remediation works and structural certification.   

Apply Elegance to Engineering

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