Business Objective

MJ Civil Engineering undertakes to provide structural design and detailing service for the construction industry.

The objective of the business is to provide an efficient and high quality service to both the building & engineering disciplines, whilst progressively increasing our market share.

Our clients require value for money, a quality engineered solution and adherence to programme. MJ Civil Engineering aims to ensure that these expectations are met by adopting the following principles within our business activities.

  • To place quality first in all our undertakings.
  • To fully understand and clearly define our clients' requirements in order to meet their expectations.
  • To set ourselves an objective for continuous improvement in the quality of our services.
  • To provide service of such quality that our current clients will continue their association and potential clients will join them.
The successful operation of the system relies upon the co-operation of all personnel whether they are staff or contractors; to ensure our commitment to the quality of service. In turn they will be rewarded by their participation in a successful team.